J&K State Science, Technology & Innovation Council


Aims & Objectives


J&K State Science, Technology & Innovation Council has been created in the year 1986 vide Planning & Development Department order No. 200-GR(PD) of 1986 dated 14-08-1986. The main function, aims and objectives of the Council are as under :-

  • To identify and coordinate the activities and make effective use of the existing voluntary Agencies, Educational institutes, R&D institutions engaged in promotion and demonstration work in the field of S&T within the State in order to promote the generation and application of Science & Technology.

  • To identify, generate, utilize and promote new technology relevant to the needs of the State in various fields like Agriculture, industry power, Horticulture and Environment etc.

  • To assist and advise State Govt. for the formulation of policies and implementation of plans of the State for promotion of science & technology.

  • To prepare or assist in the preparation of Science & Technology plans for the State.

  • To promote and establish pilot plans and programs including demonstration units based on technology generated through indigenous science & technology.

  • To promote and develop indigenous Science & Technology users/entrepreneurs and to establish units of commercial exploitation of Science & Technology for the user of minerals and other natural reserves available in the State;

  • To initiate, promote and coordinate such research designs and development projects for as are relevant to the specific objectives and requirement of State Govt;

  • To disseminate new technology in the State and all matters relating to arrangement for processing of new technology;

  • To provide for transfer o technology, act as think Tank, arrange sessions of academicians intellectuals, administrations, researchers and field specialists for pooling knowledge;

  • To interact with other State & National Science & Technology bodies having similar or related objectives;

  • To advise the State Govt. on policies & measures relating to the development and deploying of Science & technology manpower resources;

  • To identify, promote, generate and promote Science & Technology in field of Rural Development for reducing regional imbalances.